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CFO’s / Finance Officers / Comptrollers

Financial Continuity and Continuity Compliance Software

Following the money for research organizations’ financial and accounting requirements isn’t always easy for research departments. Chief Financial Officers and comptrollers enforcing sponsor rules and institutional policies for budgeting and F&A is a necessity for accurate financial reporting financial and accounting administration.

InfoEd software is designed to address the financial tracking and reporting requirements demanded of researchers and faced by research administrators, while still integrating with your institutional financial systems in our research administration software suite of products.

You’re In Control of Your Business Intelligence With Analysis & Reporting Software

InfoEd Solutions are designed to support active account balances through automated reporting software, improve project management, and allow researchers and administrators to monitor awards budgets, research accounting, and research budgeting. How deeply that financial data reaches into or integrates with your institutional financial systems is entirely up to you.

Through the InfoEd Financial Staging Area (FSA), you control the interface and data-sharing, and you can configure institution rules to fit your established accounting practices for a grant approval network benefits and business intelligence .

Your accounting staff will also find the InfoEd electronic research administration software to be a simple application to become familiar with and utilize for financial reporting software for funding research and research budgeting and compliance administration.

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