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Animal Facilities
Research Software

Customizable, Turnkey solutions that work out of the box while also providing you the flexibility to configure the system to meet your own unique needs.

Beyond Animal Instincts

With InfoEd Animal Facilities, you’ll know instantly the precise disposition of every animal, at every moment, throughout the entire research lifecycle.  No assembling of documents. No collecting of disparate financial records. From Husbandry, to Animal Care, to Facilities staff, your view of Inventory and financial data is instantly available anywhere and in real time.

Principal Investigators and Researchers

Requesting animals, managing procedural records, and tracking animal details has never been easier or more accessible.

  • Simplified submissions means less required oversight
  • Instantly accessible and real-time information to track animal background, scientific use, and lineage
  • Create records of study-related procedures as well as facility provided procedures to better manage the scientific process

Administrators and Coordinators

  • Instantly understand your current and future housing and handling needs, and devote resources as required
  • Eliminates processing errors by linking all necessary forms in a cohesive animal request, ordering, and delivery process
  • Minimizes protocol deviations – all IACUC approved protocol information including approval period, species, procedures, and housing is automatically tracked
  • Provides clarity into  animal details through real-time management of animals, their movement history in the facility, health, and location

InfoEd Animal Facilities Core Functions

Inventory Management 

Track inventory of your facilities contents, including complete visibility into animals, racks, rooms, buildings, and all levels of housing

Manages the capacity of your enclosures, and discretely track an individual animal’s details

In depth histories of animal movement, health status, and procedures can be recorded and reported on


Investigators can submit animal requests from approved protocols on line, directly to the animal ordering office

Procurement staff can then generate orders, which will house both animal data, as well as financial and vendor information

Deliveries of animals into the facility are managed through the Order system, where animal specific pages and unique identifiers are created

Location Management 

Create a hierarchy of animal locations, with different attributes including type of location, building capacity, rack capacity, and enclosure capacity