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The most important aspect of selecting a new grant and contract management system for UTHealth Houston was to provide full transparency for our faculty. We wanted to make sure our Principal Investigators could easily, and at any time, review the financials on any project (via a nightly interface with our financial system) and be able to view the status of their awards, contracts, and proposals as they were being processed by the sponsored projects office.

Kathleen M. Kreidler
Associate Vice President, Sponsored Projects Administration

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At InfoEd Global we are committed to providing the best eRA solutions for the world’s best research institutions, and that aim has resulted in over 20 years of sustained growth and service to the research community for administrative software applications.

Electronic Research Administration Software

Spin Global Suite

SPIN is the single solution for Researchers and Principal Investigators who desire to spend less time doing the arduous and labor-intensive steps of searching, but still be presented with ideally-suited and perfectly-matched funding opportunities.

Animal Facilities Software

With InfoEd Animal Facilities Research Software, you’ll know instantly the precise disposition of every animal, at every moment, throughout the entire research lifecycle.

Clinical Trials Software

InfoEd Clinical Trials Research Software links trials to related protocols, grants, contracts, publications, conflict of interest information, and patents.

Grants and Contracts Software

Whether used separately or as a cohesive unit, The InfoEd Grants and Contracts Suite supports an integrated, collaborative workflow.

Research Compliance Software

You don’t need to choose between missing out on commercialization and focusing on current research projects.

Research Outputs Software

How the results of your research is collected and reported on through your institution matters professionally and financially, both for you and for your institution at large.

Technology Transfer Software

InfoEd Research Compliance guarantees your efforts to assure the ethical conduct of research is rewarded by easily managing compliance with federal, state and institutional governing bodies, as well as the facilitation of timely and accurate approvals from the appropriate committees.