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SPIN Global Suite: SPIN Funding Database

Customizable, Turnkey solutions for the SPIN database and SPIN grants that work out of the box while also providing you the flexibility to configure the system to meet your own unique needs.

The SPIN Funding Opportunity Database
Of The Research World

InfoEd Global’s SPIN™ funding opportunities database is an online resource that helps faculty, students, and staff quickly find relevant programs available to fund all types of research. Tracking approximately 40,000 funding opportunities across thousands of governments, foundations, and commercial entities around the world, SPIN makes it easy to locate potential sources of funding. Powerful text searching tools coupled with filters to tailor searches, exposing opportunities that are really of interest. Let SPIN do the work by easily setting up daily or weekly alerts of new or modified opportunities with our SMARTS™ automation tool.

SPINPlus has been a great resource for our investigators, faculty, and students in their quest to find funding

Donna Gilmore, MS
Director of Research & Sponsored Programs
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Florida Gulf Coast University

SPIN™ Database – The World’s #1 Funding Opportunities Database

  • Over 40,000 research funding opportunities
  • Broad scope covering all disciplines US and around the world
  • Grants, fellowships, training opportunities, limited submissions…
  • 10,000+ government, foundation, and corporate sponsors
  • Data maintained and quality-checked by trained editorial staff
  • Powerful, easy-to-use full-text searching
  • Comprehensive filters to tailor results
  • Extensive keyword thesaurus for subject matter searching
  • Comprehensive opportunity description

Researchers Enjoy…

  • Email a colleague full opportunity detail to initiate collaboration
  • Export results for offline review
  • Customize data included in export
  • Save search parameters for future use
  • Bookmark opportunities of interest
  • Real-time currency conversion; view funding data in your preferred currency

SPINPlus is a user-friendly, efficient tool for faculty, staff, and students to identify potential funding sources to advance their research to the next level. Saved searches and the SMARTS (SPIN Matching And Research Transmittal Service) deliver precisely targeted funding opportunities directly to the user’s Inbox. 

Jane Z. Dumsha, PhD, CHES
Chief Research Operations Officer
Signing Official/Administrative Official 
Chair, AACOM Council of Researchers
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

More than smart, SMARTS™ Automation!

  • Subscribe to daily or weekly notifications for any saved search
  • Easily subscribe and unsubscribe as often as desired
  • Receive notification via email or RSS feed
  • Customize the opportunity details in your notifications

Administrative Features

  • Record and publish internal funding opportunities for your researchers
  • Manage accounts with automated communications, auto-expiration, etc.
  • Save and manage searches and funding alerts for users
  • Publish common searches for all users
  • Browse relevant contract opportunities and Federal Register daily summaries
  • One-click reports for limited submissions, new opportunities, impending deadlines
  • Intuitive interface with integrated help video library

Integration and Customization

  • API and web services support custom solutions and website integration
  • Integrate with institutional single sign-on via InCommon Federation
  • Institutional instructions for users presented with each opportunity
  • Customize institutional instructions for specific opportunities (e.g., limited submissions)
  • Institutional branding in SPIN interface and SMARTS notifications

Fully Integrated into InfoEd Administrative Software Portal

  • Execute a SPIN search within the Portal
  • Create a proposal directly from SPIN search results
  • Display SMARTS results in a Portal widget
  • View SPIN Bookmarked opportunities via a Portal widget

For those of us with smaller scaled research enterprises at our institutions, SPIN provides a terrific resource for our faculty to explore funding opportunities tailored to their current and possible future study or training interests.

Glenn Davis
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Touro College
SPIN: World's Largest Database of Funding Opportunities

University of Sharjah research faculty have been using SPIN for the last four years and have made the best possible use of its outstanding features and unmatched search modules. Its continuous updates have been a great advantage for researchers targeting external funding opportunities to which they are eligible. We are using SPIN and we do not plan to use any other database in the future.

Khaled Besbes,
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Research Support Services

InfoEd SPIN Core Functions

No Other Funding Opportunities Software Has More

Over 40,000 opportunities from more than 12,000 global sponsors

Multiple search modes

Powerful data mining

Intuitive to use

Customizable filters

Time-saving advanced features

Principal Investigators And Researchers

Spend less time searching and more time doing research

Get results that match your research criteria

Uncover funds that other search software misses

See accurate summaries for quick qualification determinations

Administrators And Funding Coordinators

Intuitive and easy to use

Create searches for specific groups or individuals

Customizable to match your style

Establish SMARTS e-mail notifications for your users

Customer support is always just an email or phone call away