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Research Outputs Software Tools

Customizable, Turnkey research output management solutions that work out of the box while also providing you the flexibility to configure the system to meet your own unique needs for publication, dissemination, reporting, and presentations.

Research Output Data Management – Quality Matters

How the results of your research are collected and reported on through your institution matters professionally and financially, both for you and for your institution at large. Still, assembling research outputs means more work to accomplish research administration goals, roles and responsibilities. The trick is proving excellent quality outputs with minimal administrative time and effort.

InfoEd Research Outputs not only simplifies the collection and packaging of post-publication assets, and greatly reduces the time you or your staff spends doing so, but it assures that institutions present work in a way that meets both institutional, investigator, and even governmental goals.

Principal Investigators and Researchers

  • Centralizes publications data for easy access
  • Assures complete accuracy – maximizes future funding potential
  • Alleviates concerns about violating copyright or confidentiality
  • Minimize interruptions of your research to address routine administrative requests
  • Greatly reduces redundancy and unnecessary administrative effort

Administrators and Coordinators

  • Intelligent form design walks you through institutional requirements
  • Automatically populates standardized data to reduce administrative time and effort
  • Maintains regional methods to determine the subsidy unit value of specific output
  • Provides performance comparisons between research areas and research funding
  • Ability to flag records due to copyright and confidentiality obligations
  • Ability to integrate security rules within the module and document repositories based on flags
research administrator

InfoEd GENIUS® Expertise Management Solution

GENIUS® is an integral piece of the InfoEd eRA Solutions Suite. It maintains all faculty CV and profile data and allows that data to be appropriately shared across other relevant InfoEd Solutions such as InfoEd Conflict of Interest and through Clinical Trials Research Software applications.

Within GENIUS®, faculty have the ability to customize Biosketch templates and publish profiles globally. Data entered is also utilized in daily funding opportunity notifications from the InfoEd SPIN Funding Opportunities database.

  • Easily maintain your entire profile online
  • Collaborative with configurable privileges for both Researcher and Administrator access
  • Configurable automatic update reminders
  • Time-saving, pre-formed bio-sketches
  • Upload and display any file type including photos, audio and video publications

InfoEd Research Outputs Software Core Functions

InfoEd Research Outputs provides mechanisms to capture publications and other assets from research activity.  This information is used by institutions around the world to quantify research performance, justify government funding, promote university accomplishments, and build publication repositories through research administration software.

Flexible Data Collection & Data Management

Institutions can design and configure their own user interfaces for data entry using the integrated eForm tool

Provides automatic population of data from standardized sources

Provides branching logic to guide users through institution requirements

Document Management & Storage Tools Software

Provides document storage, allowing the institution to maintain electronic versions of manuscripts, publication copy, laboratory notes, drawings/schematics, multi-media, etc.

Document storage can be selectively integrated with institution repositories, which allows the system to act as source or controlled access point to materials

Value Calculation – Value of Research Outputs

Enables institutions to perform qualitative analysis on the value of research outputs, using regional methods to determine the subsidy unit value of specific outputs

Provides performance comparisons between research areas and research funding with Electronic Research Administration Software

Data Reporting and Performance Tracking Software

Provide access to all application fields

Configurable views of the data on demand to quantify financials, track performance, and support diligence in the completion of action items