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InfoEd Global Research
Management Software

Built on years of industry experience and knowledge, InfoEd Global Research Management Software is the ideal solution for sponsored project administration


InfoEd increases transparency and streamlines processes throughout the life cycle of grants, protocols, safety plans conflicts management, and managing intellectual property reducing administrative burden for researchers.  

Department Administrators

Straightforward reporting and consistent procedures regardless of PI or sponsor and across modules ensure departmental administrators can get the job done! 

Institutional Administration

Supporting staff with easy-to-use software that can works out-of-the box and can be configured to support local policies and procedures enhances compliance and reduces the likelihood of potentially costly mistakes. 

Who Uses InfoEd Global Software

At InfoEd Global we are committed to providing the best eRA solutions for the world’s best research institutions, and that aim has resulted in over 20 years of sustained growth and service to the research community.

CEO’s / Research Executives / Deans

You know your institutional compliance policies are there for the protection of faculty, staff, students, and participants

Researchers / Principal Investigators

How many disparate systems, tools, and applications are standing between you and your research?

Application Users / Administrators

If you’re like many Administrators, you spend more time managing the tools that manage your work load, than you do managing the workload.

CTO’s / IT Directors / Technical Support

Let’s face it – new system installations are complex and frustrating. Learning curves are typically long.

CFO’s / Finance Officers / Comptrollers

Following the money isn’t always easy for research departments.