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Compliance Certainty, Not Mystery

You know your institutional compliance policies are there for the protection of faculty, staff, students, and participants. You also know that non-compliance can cost you opportunities, revenue, and even your reputation. Balancing your love of research with the necessity of institutional and federal policies is no easy feat.

Suppose you could make things easier for your Researchers and Administrators, and not give up visibility and the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing research is progressing both profitably, and within institutional and federal guidelines?

Common Ground

InfoEd Solutions provide more than compliance and regulatory assurance. Principal Investigators appreciate how InfoEd reduces the time spent on administrative duties. Administrators benefit from less work, quicker access to data, and being able to easily manage work delegated from Researchers. Everyone benefits from the transparency InfoEd provides.

In a time when budgets are shifting and regulations are on the rise, InfoEd promises quicker and more accurate administration which frees up time and money for the important things – like successful outputs.

A World Of Research In Your Hands

InfoEd’s Integrated Research Administration Solution offers an easy to use web portal that provides complete visibility into the status of your institution’s research projects, from concept to closeout.

Like the importance of having new and modern facilities to support your research, InfoEd is a capital investment that will enable you to remain on top or help you get there.

Whether your institution’s research domain consists of a handful of departments, or encompasses a global research network, InfoEd maintains all research administrative functions within a single solution. InfoEd removes costly duplications by sharing data across teams, departments, facilities, and countries.

Designed by research administration experts, InfoEd streamlines your administrative functions; brings research professionals together, and facilitates collaboration, all while opening a window to the state and status of your institution’s research projects.

More Than ERA, An Enterprise Solution

You already know the value of shared data and resources. As an enterprise-class system, InfoEd integrates with your other enterprise Human Resource and Financial systems. Low administrative costs, faster installation, and complete training means the benefits of an InfoEd Solution can be quickly realized with minimal institutional resources.

See the Future of Research Administration

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