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Clinical Trials Research Software

Clinical Research Software

InfoEd’s robust Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) brings order to the complex world of human studies.

Offload The Overload: Clinical Trials Management System

InfoEd Clinical Trials Software links trials to related protocols, grants, contracts, publications, conflict of interest information, and patents with a true clinical trial document management system. Accessible at any time, from any computer with Internet access, InfoEd’s Clinical Trials software and Clinical Trials Management System reduces administrative burdens and workloads with clinical data software by consolidating information in a single location that facilitates collaboration between all the research personnel supporting your trial.

Investigators and Coordinators

  • Easily create new protocols in only a few steps
  • Record or link required approvals (regulatory approvals, contracts, and more) to speed study startup and site activation
  • Track enrollment of participants and their progress throughout the trial
  • Manage and share critical study documents with clinical study software
  • Review accumulating trial data and safety information with our Clinical Trials Software Solutions
  • Manage communication with research team members, monitors, participants, and others
  • Track and manage financial activity associated with the trial using our Clinical Trial Data Software and Clinical Trial Design Software


  • Report on clinical trials and related financial activity for multiple departments, investigators, trials, and participants
  • Standardize processes across the research enterprise with Electronic Research Administration Software
  • Audit trials to verify compliance with regulatory and institutional requirements.
  • Quickly configure role-based security to control access to sensitive trial and participant information. We know how to manage clinical trials efficiently and effectively.
  • Clinical research software to customize the trial environment to facilitate compliance and support institution-specific processes

InfoEd Clinical Trials Software Core Functions

Clinical Trial Design Software

Quickly build out the arms, visits, cycles, procedures, and billable events that make up a clinical trial protocol

Code and track all details of the protocol

Create electronic case report forms

Manage trials across multiple locations using coordinating center tools

Accounting Administration

Capture details of the sponsor’s proposed budget and institutional costs of providing trial services

Automatically generate transactions for completed milestones and participant visits

Record payments and age receivables

Build and send invoices using customizable templates

Recruitment & Tracking Tools

Match participants to trials

Conduct feasibility assessments

Interface with the institution’s EMR/EHR system of record to increase accuracy and reduce duplicative data entry

Track all aspects of recruitment, enrollment, and trial participation, from initial contact to completion or withdrawal

Clinical Trials Document Management System

Capture and manage all trial-related information, correspondence and documentation in a virtual regulatory binder

Share critical study documents with all members of the research team

Version uploaded documents

Store and manage documentation related to individual participant

Clinical Trial Content Management System – Reporting & Monitoring

Review and report on accumulating participant data

Set up alerts and reminders

Track site monitoring visits, audits, and routine compliance reviews and their outcomes

Report on recruitment, enrollment, and completion of trial activities