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The World’s Leading Research Administration Software

Turnkey research management solutions designed to help you obtain funding, deliver results and manage everything in between – faster and better eRA Research Software.

InfoEd Global Is The World’s Leading Provider Of Software To Support Electronic Research Administration. eRA Software Systems for Universities, Institutions, and Corporations.

Worldwide, more leading research institutions, universities, and corporations have chosen the InfoEd Research Software Solution to realize cost savings, improve data integrity, manage administrative processes, and accelerate compliance for electronic research administration versus any other research compliance software or eRA software.

Our core belief  – that industry experience and knowledge is the foundation of superior software development in the research administration software field, which has resulted in an unparalleled suite of research support technological applications, professional services software, and industry educational programs by InfoEd Global designed specifically transcend today’s modern research institution.

At InfoEd Global we are committed to providing the best eRA solutions and electronic research administration software solutions for the world’s best research institutions, and that aim has resulted in over 20 years of sustained growth and service to the research community for research management and administration.

Research Administrative Software Solutions for Every Step

Turnkey research administrative software solutions make every step easier, more organized and faster.

Find funding opportunities, manage data and deliver results. Our electronic research administration software solutions in software development were built by research teams so you work faster and easier without missing a step, no matter your role in research management and administration.

eRA Software Systems

Maximize eRA Research Compliance

InfoEd Global offers a full range of support services from strategy to completion, consultation, data administration, training, testing, documentation, process management.

To ensure you get the most from your electronic research administration software investment and research management software, our team will work with you to achieve success through eRA Research Compliance.

Research Support Services

See the Future of Research Administration

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Quality research management and administration software for CEO’s, Research Executives, Deans, Principal Investigators, CTO’s, IT Directors, Technical Support, CFO’s, Finance Officers.

InfoEd Global Software Makes Electronic Research Administration Easier

From research administration to IT systems to grant research software, and electronic research administration software, InfoEd Global Software was designed to make it easier for your entire team to complete critical tasks.

Greater Efficiency eRA Solutions

A platform of over 20 tightly integrated modules and eRA solutions that share information, increase data integrity and result in more efficient processes.

Real-Time Data Access

Get immediate access to all of your data in real time for data warehouses, ad hoc reporting and business intelligence for competitive benefits using grant research software.

Empowering Your Research Team

Simple and intuitive data collection matched with a powerful reporting and workflow engine enhances your teams ability.

Customizable for Your Needs

Customizable turnkey solutions provide you the flexibility to configure the system to meet your own unique needs.

Research Compliance Made Easier

Improve performance with quick information visibility for all office needs. The best IRB software programs delivering proactive reports and alerts facilitate maintaining compliance with research compliance software.

Built by Researchers

Built and improved upon by research experts for over 30 years, your needs are anticipated and met by InfoEd Global systems with research management and administration software expertise.

Jumpstart Organizational Productivity With Research Administration Software

Contact our experts in electronic research administration software today and learn how InfoEd Global can advance your grant research, compliance administration, clinical trials, research management system software requirements, research outputs and compliante, technology transfer software solutions, grants for software development, plus add the SPIN Global Suite to enhance project and organizational performance goals.