Research Administration Without Boundaries ®


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    Research Administration Without Boundaries

    Customizable, Turnkey solutions that work out of the box while also providing you the flexibility to configure the system to meet your own unique needs.

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    Research Operating System

    A platform of over 20 tightly integrated modules that share information, increase data integrity, resulting in more efficient processes.

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    We Make You Better

    Transparency allows for quick visibility into all the information each office needs. Proactive reports and alerts facilitate maintaining compliance while also improving your performance.

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    Simple Power

    Simple and intuitive data collection sitting on top of a powerful reporting and workflow engine.

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    360 Degree View into Your Data

    Your information does not live in a vacuum. You have immediate access to all of your data, in real time. This can be used for data warehouses, ad hoc
    reporting and business intelligence.

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    Leading the eRA Renaissance

    With 30 years of experience in defining the standards for Electronic Research Administration Systems, InfoEd continues to move the bar higher.


InfoEd Global is the world’s leading provider of software to support Electronic Research Administration.

Worldwide, more leading research institutions, universities, and corporations have chosen the InfoEd Solution to realize cost savings, improve data integrity, streamline administrative processes, and accelerate compliance, than any other eRA software.

Our core belief  – that industry experience and knowledge is the foundation of superior software development – has resulted in an unparalleled suite of applications, services and educational programs designed specifically for today’s modern research institution.

At InfoEd Global we are committed to providing the best eRA solutions for the world’s best research institutions, and that aim has resulted in over 20 years of sustained growth and service to the research community.

InfoEd Global – Advancing Research


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