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You know your institutional compliance policies are there for the protection of faculty, staff, students, and participants. You also know that non-compliance can cost you opportunities, revenue, and even your reputation. Balancing your love of research with the necessity of institutional and federal policies is no easy feat.

How much of time are you spending managing research administration? How many logins? How many disparate systems, tools, and applications are standing between you and your research? It shouldn’t be that difficult. And with InfoEd, it’s not.

If you’re like many Administrators, you spend more time managing the tools that manage your work load, than you do managing the workload. How many applications should you really need? How many times should you have to input the same data?

Let’s face it – new system installations are complex and frustrating. Learning curves are typically long. Worse, upgrading an enterprise system is tedious and time consuming. Well, we hear you. The InfoEd Global Integrated Solutions Suite uniquely drives system consolidation, eliminating the need to support individual applications for each research office or research function.

Following the money isn’t always easy for research departments. Yet enforcing sponsor rules and institutional policies for budgeting and F&A is a necessity for accurate financial reporting. InfoEd software is designed to address the financial tracking and reporting requirements demanded of researchers and faced by research administrators, while still integrating with your institutional financial systems.