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Technology Transfer

Your Time Needs Protection Too

You don’t need to choose between missing out on commercialization and focusing on current research projects. Ongoing research doesn’t have to take a back seat to preparing and monitoring institutional royalty requirements. With InfoEd Technology Transfer, responding to your technology office’s requests and questions is fast and simple, freeing your time for the next research project.

Principal Investigators and Researchers

  • Intelligently guides you through institutional guidelines
  • Minimize interruptions of your research have to address administrative requests
  • Avoid missing out on protection and potential commercialization of technology caused by delays in processing
  • Keeps you informed and involved in the application and licensing processes
  • Provides full visibility and royalty reporting

Administrators and Coordinators

  • Reduces administrative burdens
  • Easy access and routing of information
  • Meet deadlines and avoid processing delays
  • Assures costs are recovered and licenses meet their obligations

InfoEd Technology Transfer Core Functions

  • Invention Reporting
    Electronically disclose invention reports.  Automatically triage submissions based on the responses provided.  Identify research funding that relates to invention disclosure
  • Intellectual Property 
    Manage all intellectual property assets, including the reduction of invention from initial disclosure, patent application and contracts / licenses.  Manage financials including accounts payable, receivables, expense recovery, and royalty distribution
  • Marketing Efforts
    Develop marketing campaigns that relate multiple technologies, and identify target markets based on previous relationships.  Track development of marketing materials, external contacts, and rate of response to marketing activities
  • Agreements Portal
    Electronically receive requests to initiate agreements, from internal staff as well as external contacts.  Automatically route requests based on the responses provided

InfoEd Technology Transfer Features

InfoEd Technology Transfer provides robust administrative support for managing intellectual property, from the report of invention to licensing and royalty distributions. Complex many-to-many relationships are managed with click-thru navigation between related disclosures, technologies, protection filings, marketing efforts and agreements.

  • Flexible Data Collection
    • Institutions can design and configure their own user interfaces for data entry using the integrated eForm tool
    • Automatic population of data from standardized sources
    • Branching logic guides users through institution requirements
  • Document Management
    • Supports document storage, allowing the institution to maintain electronic versions of manuscripts, laboratory notes, drawings/schematics, applications, contracts, invoices, etc.
    • Document storage can be selectively integrated with institution repositories, which allows the system to act as source or controlled access point to materials
  • Reporting
    • Provide access to all application fields
    • Configurable views of the data on demand to quantify financials, track performance, and support diligence in the completion of action items
  • Contact Management
    • Leverages a central contact management system, providing visibility into the relationships with external organizations across research efforts