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Research Compliance

As Ready as You Are

Are you prepared for an onsite audit?  Is that site visit simply routine, or are federal agencies and other monitoring entities a concern? Are you ready for your next committee review?

InfoEd Research Compliance guarantees your efforts to assure the ethical conduct of research is rewarded by easily managing compliance with federal, state and institutional governing bodies, as well as the facilitation of timely and accurate approvals from the appropriate committees.

The InfoEd Research Compliance Suite was specifically designed to assure your dedication to remaining compliant isn’t held back by administrative hurtles, errors, and hard to follow paper trails.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Support 100% electronic paper processes
  • Fully integrated dataflow
  • Connects Researchers, Committees and Administrators in a single collaborative environment
  • Full development, tracking and reporting of:
    • Conflict of Interest disclosures
    • Human and Animal Subjects approvals
    • Export Controls
    • Salary Caps & P.I. commitments and effort
    • Clinical Research Billing
    • Sub-recipients
    • Cost Accounting Standards
    • Cost Sharing
    • Program Income
    • Reduce redundant data entry
    • Track across all points of human, animal, and environmental safety

Fully integrated and inclusive of all touch-points, InfoEd Research Compliance empowers your team to collaboratively and transparently support and strengthen both research compliance and your research compliance monitoring programs.