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The World’s #1 Funding Opportunities Database

How much time have you wasted searching sponsor databases, opportunities databases, sifting through inadequate search results, paper, spreadsheet, one-off websites, and generally wasting time on tools that are supposed to be saving you time?

SPIN is web-based for access from anywhere, easy to use out-of-the-box, and can be customized to bring back precisely the results you want.  Perfect for both individual and administrative users, SPIN offers active searching, automated opportunity matching, and daily opportunity notifications

No other Funding Opportunities Software has more

  • Over 40,000 opportunities from more than 10,000 global sponsors
  • Lightning fast search results
  • Powerful data mining
  • Intuitive to use
  • Time-saving advanced features

Principal Investigators and Researchers

  • Spend less time searching and more time doing research
  • Get results that match your research criteria
  • Uncover funds that other search software misses
  • See accurate summaries for quick qualification determinations

Administrators and Funding Coordinators

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Faster result than any other search software
  • Customizable to match your style

Find What You’re Looking For

SPIN provides intuitive and easily customizable access to the most extensive research funding opportunity database on earth. Tools are provided that are geared towards both individual and administrative users, and SPIN provides both active searching as well as automated, daily opportunity notifications.

40,000 Opportunities from 10,000 Sponsors across the globe, and growing!

  • New and existing opportunity information is updated daily by our team of sponsored programs experts.
  • Every opportunity is reviewed regularly based on sponsor information so all details are current
  • InfoEd Global Experts review daily, hundreds of “Primary-source” Sponsors

Fully customizable advanced search

  • InfoEd SPIN Advanced Searching allows any field to be queried multiple times, with operator and selection types dependent on the nature of the field.
  • Expressions can be grouped and nested within groups to create a truly customized search
  • Filters on eligibility fields are easily configured and saved

Bulletin board style information sharing

  • Institution administrators can bookmark and share any opportunity
  • Saved searches can be accessed by any authorized member of their institution

Extensive subject heading vocabulary

  • SPIN utilizes the US Library of Congress Subject Headings controlled vocabulary to index content.
  • Each opportunity contains relevancy ranked terms, and the terms can be utilized in a search while including their broader, narrower, and related terms
  • SPIN is a modern full-text search engine; optional inflectional forms and thesaurus forms included in search; searches entire record

Automated notification of new and updated opportunities

  • New opportunities and existing opportunity updates are automatically delivered to your email inbox
  • Fully configurable to match your criteria
  • Can run perpetually with no further management