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Grant Management Software – Grant Contracts Administration, Submission, Research Database

Customizable grant funding database for grant funding research. Grant submission software provides turnkey solutions that work out of the box while also providing you the flexibility to configure the system to meet your own grant search database and grand submission software needs.

Where Grant Funding Research – Contract Administration, Proposal, and Tracking Software Begins

For over 30 years, principal investigators and research administrators have been relying on the InfoEd Grants and Contracts Suite to automate and streamline every step of Grants and Awards management providing grant search databases and submission software for the best way to track grants and funding opportunities.

Whether used separately or as a cohesive unit for grant proposal software, the grant management database software modules of the InfoEd Grants and Contracts suite supports an integrated, collaborative workflow. Investigators, departments and central offices can link interdependent activities, share a common view for SPIN research, and eliminate redundancy.

We are looking forward to implementing the Sub Agreement modules.  In preparation, we have explored the many features available and are anticipating that the ability to store institutional details for our subrecipient organizations, along with the “autofill” features of Sub Agreement templates and the ability to maintain communication records within the system will save a tremendous amount of time and increase efficiency significantly.

Sandra M. Nordahl
CRA Director, SR Contracting and Compliance and Facility Security Officer
San Diego State University Research Foundation

Grant Management Software from A-Z

Grant Management Software Benefits At A Glance

  • Grant Funding Search, Pre Award and Post Award Solutions can be used independently, or as a cohesive whole using our grant approval network
  • Pre-Award Grant Management Software
  • Easy grant funding database to set up and use
  • Post-Award Grant Management Software
  • Minimize redundant data entry
  • Virtually eliminate errors with our grant search tool
  • Grant Fiscal Tracking Solution, Grant Management Database, Grant Submission Software
  • Quickly and easily locate records and use for tracking grant deliverables
  • Grant Search Engine, Grant Research Software, NIH Grant Lookup & NIH Grant Database
  • Eliminates the need for multiple applications – InfoEd does it all

Interwoven Process

The InfoEd Grants and Contracts Suite supports the life and path of your project – the underlying data management, tracking and reporting layer that brings continuity and consistency at every step for Electronic Research Administration Software .

SPIN Funding Opportunities

How much time have you wasted searching sponsor databases, opportunities databases, sifting through inadequate search results, paper, spreadsheet, one-off websites, and generally wasting time on tools that are supposed to be saving you time? Use our grants search databases for immediate efficiency.

SPIN is web-based for access from anywhere, easy to use out-of-the-box SPIN research SPIN database software tool, and can be customized to bring back precisely the results you want.  Perfect for both individual and administrative users, SPIN offers active searching, automated opportunity matching, and daily opportunity notifications

No Other Grant Funding Database Opportunities Software Has More

  • Over 40,000 opportunities from more than 12,000 global sponsors
  • Lightning fast search results
  • Powerful data mining
  • Intuitive to use
  • Time-saving advanced features

Principal Investigators and Researchers

  • Spend less time searching and more time doing research
  • Get results that match your research criteria
  • Uncover funds that other search software misses
  • See accurate summaries for quick qualification determinations

Administrators and Funding Coordinators

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Faster result than any other search software
  • Customizable to match your style

Find The Grant Funding You’re Looking For

SPIN provides intuitive and easily customizable access to the most extensive research funding opportunity database on earth. Tools are provided that are geared towards both individual and administrative users for grant contracts administration, and SPIN provides both active searching as well as automated, daily opportunity notifications.

40,000 Opportunities from 12,000 Sponsors for Grant Funding across the globe, and growing!

New and existing grants opportunity information is updated daily by our team of sponsored programs experts

Every grant opportunity is reviewed regularly based on sponsor information so all details are current

InfoEd Global Experts review daily, hundreds of “Primary-source” Sponsors

Fully Customizable Advanced Search Grant Search Engine

InfoEd SPIN Advanced Searching allows any field to be queried multiple times, with operator and selection types dependent on the nature of the field

Expressions can be grouped and nested within groups to create a truly customized search

Filters on eligibility fields are easily configured and saved for grant funding opportunities.

Bulletin Board Style Information Sharing for Grant Funding Research

Institution administrators can bookmark and share any opportunity

Saved searches can be accessed by any authorized member of their institution

Extensive subject heading vocabulary

SPIN utilizes a proprietary vocabulary to index content

Each opportunity contains terms that can be utilized in a search while including their broader, narrower, and related terms

SPIN is a modern full-text search engine; optional inflectional forms and thesaurus forms included in search; searches entire record

Automated notification of new and updated opportunities

New opportunities and existing opportunity updates are automatically delivered to your email inbox

Fully configurable to match your criteria

Can run perpetually with no further management


Everyone Gets What They Want

We can’t get rid of the rules and reviews, but the InfoEd Pre-Award Solution can help you get through Sponsored Projects Tracking and electronic submissions faster and more accurately, and get it done exactly the way you want it.

InfoEd Global has been in the business of award tracking and proposal development as well as interfacing with S2S systems like and others, longer than anyone.  InfoEd Solutions are comprehensive, yet constantly evolving to handle new regulations and requirements.

Principal Investigators And Researchers

  • Removes the barriers, hoops, and hurdles of assembling your proposal
  • Confidently build beautiful work you’ll be proud of
  • Standard and previously entered data is automatically populated
  • A collaborative workspace that saves time and effort, and guarantees accuracy

Administrators And Funding Coordinators

  • Enter data once – no redundant typing
  • Standard data is auto-populated
  • Signatures, approvals and notifications managed quickly and in one place
  • Built-in error checking
  • Auto-calculation of complex budgets

InfoEd Pre-Award Core Functions

Grant Funding Opportunities

SPIN is the largest, fastest, and most up-to-date database of funding opportunities in the world. SPIN contains funding opportunities from government/public sources, private foundations, and corporations across all disciplines. Its many options filter results so you can quickly locate those that meet your interest and expertise.

Grant Proposal Development

Coupled with SPIN, InfoEd Proposal Development is a web-based, collaborative environment for assembling all critical assets and building the perfect application. Proposal Development supports and manages electronic submissions, where available, regardless of country or sponsor.

Internal Review & Approval

Comprehensive routing utilities support web-based processing of proposals for internal review and approval with electronic signature tracking.

Sponsored Projects Tracking Integration

Tracking and reporting on proposal data is a core function of InfoEd’s Grants and Contracts suite. Whether proposal data is entered directly into InfoEd’s Proposal Tracking module, or flows from InfoEd Proposal Development, all information is fully reportable. Additional post-submission information, just-in-time materials and award notices can be tracked and reported on effectively.

You Thought Of Everything

The InfoEd Pre-Award Solutions is like no other because it was designed jointly by InfoEd Global technologists and former research administration professionals like you! And that cooperative development cycle continues every day to give you exactly what you want in a Pre-Award solution.

Mac & PC-friendly browser-based interface

Everyone can access and work jointly on InfoEd proposals and proposal/award tracking information

No files to trade or versions to track

Compiling a proposal is done online and in one place. Multiple users can work simultaneously; no waiting for the one person who “owns” the file to “pass it” it to others via email or file transfer

Auto-fill institutional and personnel data

All data is automatically available and can be reported on. Proposals can be immediately included in report results based on reporting criteria

Full-Featured Proposal and Award Tracking

Proposal Tracking is a core Solution for proposal and award data management and reporting. Proposal Data flows seamlessly from Pre-award to Post Award


Peace of Mind Grant Management Software Suite

You’ve been awarded the grant or you’ve executed the contract. The last thing you need to worry about is where the money is, how much is left, and what you need to do with it. The InfoEd Post-Award Solution provides financial clarity – an accurate view into your grant budget at the moment you need it.

Peace of mind is sound award financial management. With InfoEd Post-Award, you know in real-time that the right charges are hitting the right grants, how much you have left, and the status of your approvals.

Principal Investigators And Researchers

  • Previously input data flows seamlessly from InfoEd Pre-Award
  • Immediate access to budget data – no waiting for monthly reports
  • Automated notifications assure approvals are current
  • User-friendly view means no learning curve and less confusion and no mistakes
  • Quickly, easily, and correctly process sub-awards and payments

Administrators And Funding Coordinators

  • No more wondering if the correct charges hit the right account
  • Easily track award terms and conditions
  • Matches and supports your budget award data model
  • Track costs on your object codes
  • Automatically create user-friendly views of your institutional financial systems’ data

InfoEd Post-Award Grant Core Functions

Proposal Tracking

Upload and process Notice of Award and enter offered award budget information. Track award and other agreement negotiations and establish project deliverables.

Award Management

Manage budget revisions, monitor sub-awards, and manage/track project deliverables. Automatically generate new grant accounts in institutional financial system based on final approved award budgets.

Account Management

Import and display expenditure data from institutional financial system in a user-friendly and familiar format.

Because We Mind Every Piece in Our Grant Funding Database

Responsiveness to your real-life concerns – that’s what differentiates InfoEd Post-Award from every other post-award application. We understand and eliminate the costly delays that can result from misappropriation of funds, regulatory missteps, and an overall lack of insight into your award.

From the Notice of Award through closeout, the InfoEd Post-Award Solution simplifies the complexities and provides complete support of post-award management of grants and contracts.

Automatically create financial system accounts upon final award acceptance in InfoEd

Budget data, including institutional object codes, can be pushed directly to the institutional financial system to automatically create grant accounts.

Monitor burn rate on awards to avoid overruns or surpluses at closeout

Optional bi-directional interface with institutional financial systems pulls expenditure data back into InfoEd for convenient viewing and reporting

Establish and monitor sub-awards

Track the negotiation process and monitor sub-awards for ongoing compliance and reporting

Manage required project reports and deliverables

Required reports and other deliverables can be identified at the time of award with automatic reminders being distributed throughout the lifecycle of the award. Set it once and never forget it!

Financial Tracking

Get Out Of The Shadows

How long did it take you to set up the accounts for your last sponsored project? Days? Weeks? Longer? And what did it cost you in lost budget? If you’re like most researchers and administrators, the continuing burden of continuously mapping sponsor awards to Institution accounts is daunting and painstaking. Further, the time requirements are immense and the cost to your budget can be astronomical. It doesn’t have to be that way.

InfoEd Financial Tracking is an integral and fully integrated component of InfoEd Post-Award. InfoEd Financial Tracking automatically routes and matches Sponsor accounts to institutional financial accounts using the sponsor rules and reporting requirements.  No intermediary software and no hours of manually connecting accounts.

What’s That Time Worth To Your Research?

InfoEd Budget Management eliminates laborious processing and converting institutional financial information into the format the sponsors need. Project by project. Sponsor by Sponsor, the system knows what the sponsors and projects rules are, shows you how the project is looking financially, and as the sponsor will want you to report on it.

  • Account mapping is set up at the point of proposal development
  • Eliminates the time spent on all facets of proposal tracking
    • Budgeting
    • Award tracking
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Progress reports
    • Error reporting
  • Accurate, real-time visibility into where your money is and what’s remaining