COVID-19/Coronavirus Resources

Database updates are posted each day at 7:00 EST
InfoEd Global is proud to be able to share this library of COVID-19 funding opportunities and resources with our colleagues in the research realm and the broader community at large.
During these uncertain times, institutions need to take advantage of every tool available to maintain and expand their research programs. Our SPIN funding opportunities database contains nearly 40,000 government, foundation, and industry sponsored opportunities that can help. We welcome you to sign up for a free SPIN subscription here:
This information is rapidly evolving. We are devoting substantial resources from our SPIN editorial team to identifying and cataloging opportunities and resources from government and non-governmental sources in the US and around the world. Still, there will be items we have not yet discovered. If you know of other resources that might be appropriate to include in the database, please share them with us and we will in turn share them with the community. You can do so by emailing them to
We all know the key to getting ahead of this pandemic is to work collaboratively and we are honored to be able to share this part of what we do with the world.
Research Related Funding Opportunities
Additional Resources for Communities and Individuals