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Peace of Mind

You’ve been awarded the grant or you’ve executed the contract. The last thing you need to worry about is where the money is, how much is left, and what you need to do with it. The InfoEd Post-Award Solution provides financial clarity – an accurate view into your grant budget at the moment you need it.

Peace of mind is sound award financial management. With InfoEd Post-Award, you know in real-time that the right charges are hitting the right grants, how much you have left, and the status of your approvals.

Principal Investigators and Researchers

  • Previously input data flows seamlessly from InfoEd Pre-Award
  • Immediate access to budget data – no waiting for monthly reports
  • Automated notifications assure approvals are current
  • User-friendly view means no learning curve and less confusion and no mistakes
  • Quickly, easily, and correctly process sub-awards and payments

Administrators and Funding Coordinators

  • No more wondering if the correct charges hit the right account
  • Easily track award terms and conditions
  • Matches and supports your budget award data model
  • Track costs on your object codes
  • Automatically create user-friendly views of your institutional financial systems’ data

InfoEd Post-Award Core Functions

  • Proposal Tracking
    Upload and process Notice of Award and enter offered award budget information. Track award and other agreement negotiations and establish project deliverables.
  • Award Management
    Manage budget revisions, monitor sub-awards, and manage/track project deliverables. Automatically generate new grant accounts in institutional financial system based on final approved award budgets.
  • Account Management
    Import and display expenditure data from institutional financial system in a user-friendly and familiar format.

Because We Mind Every Piece

Responsiveness to your real-life concerns – that’s what differentiates InfoEd Post-Award from every other post-award application. We understand and eliminate the costly delays that can result from misappropriation of funds, regulatory missteps, and an overall lack of insight into your award.

From the Notice of Award through closeout, the InfoEd Post-Award Solution simplifies the complexities and provides complete support of post-award management of grants and contracts.

  • Automatically create financial system accounts upon final award acceptance in InfoEd
    Budget data, including institutional object codes, can be pushed directly to the institutional financial system to automatically create grant accounts.
  • Monitor burn rate on awards to avoid overruns or surpluses at closeout
    Optional bi-directional interface with institutional financial systems pulls expenditure data back into InfoEd for convenient viewing and reporting.
  • Establish and monitor sub-awards
    Track the negotiation process and monitor sub-awards for ongoing compliance and reporting.
  • Manage required project reports and deliverables
    Required reports and other deliverables can be identified at the time of award with automatic reminders being distributed throughout the lifecycle of the award. Set it once and never forget it!