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Environmental Safety

Safety First

InfoEd Environmental Safety will help you confidently manage compliance with federal, local, and institutional requirements for use of potentially harmful biological, chemical, and radioactive substances in your research.

Researchers benefit from a fully electronic development and management system that:

  • Simplifies preparing, submitting and tracking safety plans
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and errors
  • Easily manage routing and versions
  • Provides a single collaborate environment with individually customizable views and permissions for all stakeholders, Researchers, Administrators, Reviewers, Safety Boards

InfoEd Environmental Safety Core Functions

Environmental Safety Development

Environmental Safety Development provides researchers with a web-based solution for preparing, submitting, and tracking safety plans. The easy to use software streamlines the administrative effort involved in submissions and offers useful new functionality for organizing research projects.

  • Supports studies involving Radiation Safety, Biological Agents, Hazardous Chemicals; Genome Studies and RDNA
  • Design and maintain application form templates
  • Auto-Fill utility conveniently loads standard personnel and organizational details
  • User-friendly interface with field level help
  • Upload any supporting materials
  • Record Auto-Checking
  • Paperless electronic routing and approval mechanism for departmental reviews
  • Manage complete submission history
  • Easily clone safety plan amendments and modifications from the previous submission
  • Easily compare and contrast a new submissions against currently approved versions
  • Automatically copy new safety plans from existing records

Environmental Safety Management

Environmental Safety Management provides comprehensive support for tracking safety plan applications and organizing the operations of Safety Boards. The intuitive web-based solution puts information at the fingertips of busy research administrators so they can keep up with increasing submission activity and proactively monitor regulatory compliance.

  • Workflow Manager allows immediate view of status of all safety plans
  • Electronic workflow eliminates correctness checking and rekeying
  • Ad hoc Reporting provides customizable views of all fields in all records
  • Detailed board administration controls
  • Automated monitoring of renewal dates
  • System-wide renewal date tracking
  • Automatically generates communications
  • Tracks personnel development programs to ensure compliance with institutional training requirements.
  • Track and manage Incident Reports
  • Track current audits and past audit history