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Human Studies IRB / Ethics

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Researchers, IRB/Ethics Administrators, and research admins are facing mounting compliance pressures. Manual and paper-based methodologies and ill-suited applications are simply too cumbersome, time consuming, and prone to error.

InfoEd Human Studies / IRB & Ethics is the one solution that allows all stakeholders access to the complete protocol and all reviews, while providing a perfectly suited and individualized perspective for each stake-holder. Nothing slips and nothing falls-through, because everyone is operating on the same page.

More is Less

More than simplifying the entire compliance review process, InfoEd Human Studies provides full data integration into the comprehensive InfoEd eRA Suite. More data integration means less data entry, less paperwork, and less time spent on managing multiple software applications.

  • Web-based and accessible from anywhere – ready when you are
  • Individual, customized stakeholder views – everyone has the information they need when they need it
  • Keeps you focused on creating protocols, not creating more paperwork
  • Animal Studies  (IACUC/Animal Care), Human Studies (IRB/Ethics), and Environmental Safety protocols are linked – reduces duplicated effort
  • Simple version control accelerates approvals

Researchers and Principal Investigators

  • Designed to eliminate missed information or incomplete questions
  • eForms are submitted electronically for signoffs or directly to the IRB office
  • eForms can include mandatory questions and uploads
  • Protocols submitted to multiple committees can be linked and statuses of each protocol can be easily managed and viewed
  • Intuitive and very easy to use

Research Administrators

  • Data flows seamlessly from other InfoEd Solutions
  • A single system with protocol tracing, conditional alerts, reporting, and electronic letters to manage your  paperless office
  • Supports multiple routes including passing the protocol through various signoffs and information-only  alerts

Committees and Reviewers

  • Automated agenda and minutes – no retyping
  • Empowers your primary concerns managing research ethics and protecting the rights, safety, and wellbeing of research participants
  • Evaluate the risk-benefit ratio of research and document rationale for approval
  • Easily monitor/audit ongoing research

InfoEd Human Studies / IRB & Ethics Core Functions

Protocol Development

  • Investigators create their own submissions and route them electronically to the IRB/EC office, minimizing redundant data entry
  • All administrative and protocol details associated with a submission can be coded and tracked
  • Templates can be developed and reused to accelerate the process for future protocols

Committee Review

  • Compliance workflow supports multiple reviews and levels of oversight for each submission, from intake to full committee review
  • All aspects of committee and meeting management can be handled within the system, from agenda generation to distribution of meeting minutes and notifications to investigators
  • Reviewer comments are captured electronically, forming the basis for meeting minutes and related correspondence.