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Conflict of Interest

No Delays. No Worries

Conflict of Interest disclosures need not significantly impact your research activities. Regardless of the complexities, InfoEd Conflict of Interest helps you collect researcher and staff disclosures, establish management plans, and fulfill your policy requirements.

Researchers and Principal Investigators 

  • Minimize administrative interruptions to your research activities
  • Fulfill institutional policy requirements quickly and easily – on campus, at home, or while traveling
  • Transparency tools help you minimize project approval delays by alerting you to incomplete personnel certifications
  • Receive automatic notifications when updates are required

Compliance Administrators

  • Ensure compliance with federal and/or state regulations regarding disclosure
  • Easily and quickly identify relationships with external organizations in different contexts that might pose potential conflict of interest
  • Reduce the time and effort spent on disclosures that have no external interests, allowing greater allocation to actual potential conflicts
  • Easily able to access related disclosure, project, and management plan information with minimal effort and demonstrate integrity for your audit

InfoEd Conflict of Interest Core Functions

InfoEd Conflict of Interest serves as a convenient online solution for individuals to disclose relevant relationships and holdings. Integration of the disclosure and review process with the approval and management of research activity helps to maintain the integrity of the process.

Flexible Data Collection

  • Institutions can design and configure their own user interfaces for data entry using the InfoEd Solution integrated eForm tool, which allows for automatic population of data from standardized sources, as well as branching logic to guide the user through institution requirements

Document Management

  • Supports document storage, allowing the institution to maintain electronic versions of committee review, communications, management plans, etc.
  • Document storage can be selectively integrated with institution repositories, which allows the system to act as source or controlled access point to materials

Research Integration

  • Institutions can model the interwoven relationships between conflict of interest management and the approval of research funding, research protocols and contracts
  • Event triggers and communications can flow between offices to strengthen research integrity


  • The reporting tools provide access to all fields, enabling configurable views of the data on demand, to quantify financials, track performance, and support diligence in the completion of action items

Contact Management

  • Leverages a central contact management system, providing visibility into the relationships with external organizations across research efforts

Disclosure and Certification

  • Electronically disclose statements of external interests
  • Automatically triage submissions for review based on the responses provided
  • Identify external interests that relate to research activity

Committee Review

  • Track committee results and subsequent action from disclosure or certification
  • Track ongoing review to ensure compliance with management plans

Conflict Management

  • Create management plans that are referenced appropriately against the relevant disclosure and research activities

InfoEd GENIUS® Expertise Management Solution

GENIUS® is an integral piece of the InfoEd eRA Solutions Suite. It maintains all faculty CV and profile data and allows that data to be appropriately shared across other relevant InfoEd Solutions such as InfoEd Conflict of Interest and InfoEd Research Outputs.

Within GENIUS®, faculty have the ability to customize Biosketch templates and publish profiles globally. Data entered is also utilized in daily funding opportunity notifications from the InfoEd SPIN Funding Opportunities database.

  • Easily maintain your entire profile online
  • Collaborative with configurable privileges for both Researcher and Administrator access
  • Configurable automatic update reminders
  • Time-saving, pre-formed bio-sketches
  • Upload and display any file type including photos, audio and video publications