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Everyone Gets What They Want

We can’t get rid of the rules and reviews, but the InfoEd Pre-Award Solution can help you get through Sponsored Projects Tracking and electronic submissions faster and more accurately, and get it done exactly the way you want it.

InfoEd Global has been in the business of award tracking and proposal development as well as interfacing with S2S systems like and others, longer than anyone.  InfoEd Solutions are comprehensive, yet constantly evolving to handle new regulations and requirements.

Principal Investigators and Researchers

  • Removes the barriers, hoops, and hurdles of assembling your proposal
  • Confidently build beautiful work you’ll be proud of
  • Standard and previously entered data is automatically populated
  • A collaborative workspace that saves time and effort, and guarantees accuracy

Administrators and Funding Coordinators

  • Enter data once – no redundant typing
  • Standard data is auto-populated
  • Signatures, approvals and notifications managed quickly and in one place
  • Built-in error checking
  • Auto-calculation of complex budgets

InfoEd Pre-Award Core Functions

  • Funding Opportunities
    SPIN is the largest, fastest, and most up-to-date database of funding opportunities in the world. SPIN contains funding opportunities from government/public sources, private foundations, and corporations across all disciplines.  Its many options filter results so you can quickly locate those that meet your interest and expertise.
  • Proposal Development
    Coupled with SPIN, InfoEd Proposal Development is a web-based, collaborative environment for assembling all critical assists and building the perfect application. Proposal Development supports and manages electronic submissions, where available, regardless of country or sponsor.
  • Internal Review & Approval
    Comprehensive routing utilities support web-based processing of proposals for internal review and approval with electronic signature tracking.
  • Sponsored Projects Tracking Integration (Proposal Tracking)
    Tracking and reporting on proposal data is a core function of InfoEd’s Grants and Contracts suite. Whether proposal data is entered directly into InfoEd’s Proposal Tracking module, or flows from InfoEd Proposal Development, all information is fully reportable. Additional post-submission information, just-in-time materials and award notices can be tracked and reported on effectively.

You Thought of Everything

The InfoEd Pre-Award Solutions is like no other because it was designed jointly by InfoEd Global technologists and former research administrations professional like you! And that cooperative development cycle continues every day to give you exactly what you want in a Pre-Award solution.

  • Mac & PC-friendly browser-based interface
    Everyone can access and work jointly on InfoEd proposals and proposal/award tracking information
  • No files to trade or versions to track
    Compiling a proposal is done online and in one place.  Multiple users can work simultaneously; no waiting for the one person who “owns” the file to “pass it” it to others via email or file transfer
  • Auto-fill institutional and personnel data
    All data is automatically available and can be reported on. Proposals can be immediately included in report results based on reporting criteria
  • Full-Featured Proposal and Award Tracking
    Proposal Tracking is a core Solution for proposal and award data management and reporting. Proposal Data flows seamlessly from Pre-award to Post Award